Abad, Ronald

Assistant Commissioner, Families Capacity, Capacity Planning & Development

Abbate, Peter J

State Assembly Member, Dist. 49 , State Assembly Members from Kings County , NY State Assembly Members from New York City

Abdul-Matin, Ibrahim

Director, Community Affairs, Bureau of Public Affairs & Communications

Abeles, Sandra

Executive Deputy Commissioner,

Abeywardena, Penny

Commissioner, Mayor's Office for International Affairs

Abraham, Bisrat

Director, Clinical Operations & Provider Communications, Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control , Division Of Disease Control

Abraham, Geevarghese

Program Management Officer, Bureau of Communicable Disease , Division Of Disease Control

Abraham, Jobin

Director, Planning, Bureau of Primary Care Information Project , Division of Prevention Primary Care

Abraham, Varghese

Director, Project Management Office, IT & Telecom , Office of the Executive Deputy Commissioner for Strategic & Agency Services

Abrahams, Janet

Senior Vice President, NextGen Operations, Operations

Abrams, Barry

Chief Information Officer, Administration

Abril, Christine

Director, Materials Management, Bureau of Facilities Planning Administrative Services , Division of Administration

Acevedo, Kelly

Associate Commissioner, Division of Preventive Services, Division of Preventive Services

Acholonu, Toma

Assistant Commissioner/EEO Officer,

Acosta, Damaris B

Deputy City Clerk,

Acosta, Laura

Deputy Chief of Staff,

Acosta, Raymond

Deputy Chief, Operations, Bronx , The Boroughs , Operations

Adam-Ovide, Marie

District Manager, Board No. 08 , Queens

Adams, Adrienne

Chair, Board No. 12 , Queens

Adams, Eric L

President of the Borough,